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You're a clever creator.  

A Visionary Entrepreneur.

Ambitious & full of bright ideas.
Let's get them polished till they shine.

You’re building a biz to bridge your gifts to the world (& you have so much to give! ) 

But it’s hard to bridge that gap,

 cut through the clutter & make

that unique & significant mark 
that you so long to make. 

I believe that in the heart of you & your brand

there are golden nuggets

 of powerful wisdom & utter brilliance.

I want to help you polish & share that gold.  

Let’s get you crystal clear on the core of your brand &

 it’s key facets so your content strategy &

all promotional materials can extend strongly

from that core & you can really shine.

Grow yourself & your capacity to Create

& Grow a Brand that is purposeful & profitable.

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Geo Anatomical Heart by Audette Sophia- Catalyst Studios

Let's get to 

the heart of the matter,

shall we?

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Catalyst Studio aims to help small biz owners with big ideas to clarify, polish, & package the best of those ideas. We accomplish this through essential branding, holistic strategic consulting
& promotional material production.  


Catalyst Studios
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