Shiny Project Syndrome Comic

I can relate to this comic so deeply that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
I feel like life is a potluck with such great diversity of tastes & options that my plate is always too full.

I have always had a pretty severe case of ‘shiny object syndrome’ as it is popularly called… or shiny project syndrome for the purpose of this post.
And yet… I have managed to get quite a bit done.
Luckily I don’t suffer from perfectionism… my standards are high but I am definitely a fast moving, take action, get ‘er done kind of gal.

But FOCUS is an ongoing struggle in my life because I am inspired by so many things & have ambitions & aspirations involving many of these shining things.
I want it all.
More is More.
But it can also drive me a little bit batty.

Luckily I have found some ways that have helped me to collect a few less balloons & keep my feet on the ground.

If you are someone like me who can never, ever “Just choose One Thing” then here are some tips to help you to ride your multiplicity wave instead of letting it ride you.

Have a clear digital & physical place to collect all those bright ideas.

This can be 1 file on your computer called ‘Project Crushes’ or ‘Bright Ideas’ or ‘Worthwhile Endeavors’ or whatever you want to call it.
I also suggest if you use Evernote & Google Drive that you have a clear folder in both of those platforms to collect Ideas related to your art or brand.

But I also suggest you make a Physical place… it could be a fancy folder or accordion folder or small binder.
Or you can do what I did & make your own BRIGHT IDEA BOOK— with Tabs that relate to your primary drives or categories.
Knowing that shiny new idea is written down in a book where it can be found again makes it easier to stay focused on whatever my priority is at the moment.

Audette's Bright Idea Book

I also like to carry around blank cards with me to write ideas on when they come.
Then once a month or so I can put the cards on the table and cluster them with their cousins & see what I have. (take stock)
You can just cut cardstock or if you want to get fancy about it you’re welcome to use our blank ‘Bright Ideas’ Catalyst Card template for that. (Link)


Key Idea #2– Clarify your Touchstones & make them visual in your space for constant reference/reminders.

When I say touchstones, I mean things that are your North Star, guiding truths, your non-negotiable cornerstone values & passionate beliefs.
They are the WHY behind all that you do.
These things despite being SO important, can easily stay vague & hard to explain even to ourselves.

But if you have no compass or north star to check yourself against- how do you know if you are on or off course??

The process of this can take a lot of forms such as heaps of reading & journal writing, a day alone in nature, an intensive session with a wise mentor or advisor. You can also do all the processes in our Golden Growth Toolkit.

The Results of this process should be not just words on a paper or word doc… they should be crystallized & captured into a form that you can easily view regularly.
I personally like making it into an Art Project and making an Artifact out of it.
I place them in the space where I do my morning practice so I am centering alongside that visual reminder every morning.

Some Possible Touchstones:

— Meta Map or Mind Map
— Mission or Vision Statement
— Core Values
— Artist Statement
— What is Truly Important
— What I know– What I am discovering

KEY TIP #3- Short Term Commitments to 3 Things 

Creative Growth 3×3 or ‘Level Ups’ is a process I have been loving as a way to hone in my focus. It is also a Core part of the Creative Bo$S Program.

Every 3 Months you write down all the habits, skills & projects your compelled by.
Then you go through a mental process with ratings & tallying or an intuitive process with just choosing (& noticing your reaction & re-choosing if it wasn’t excitement) to choose 3 of those things to focus on for that Quarter.
(If 3 months is too long for you to commit then you can do this on a per month basis.)

I suggest choosing:
* 1 Healthy Habit you will Install
* 1 Skill you will develop regularly (& schedule in those practice sessions)
* 1 Project that is your Priority Project for this period

The trick is that you cannot just do this process once & decide the 3 things & write about it in your journal & leave it at that.
You need to make a big bold visual commitment & place it in your space to remind you on the daily that these are the ‘Chosen Ones’ to keep bringing your attention & free time to bear on.

Download my free Playsheet for that Here

Level Ups by Catalyst Arts Academy

It was so hard for me to choose a program to go to for my B.A. because I had even more interests then than I do now. The program I was finally able to settle on & stick with through to the end was a flexible self-designed program where every 3 months I had 3 courses that I would design & do. So I could commit to 3 of my interests knowing that in 3 months I would get to choose another 3 from the other ones clamoring for my attention. As long as they fit under the broad umbrella of my major (Integrative Arts) or my minor (applied ecopyschology) I was allowed to do them. This worked quite well for me… 3 for 3… so now all these years later I am bringing it back.


To your Success,

Audette Sophia


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