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Arts Co:Lab

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Hello My Art Is


An experimental event series in the Bay Area. An opportunity for artists of multiple genres to come together in a creatively fertile, loosely structured environment designed to foster Collaboration.

An Experiment in Synergy. A playground for artistic exploration and a canvas for exploring what’s possible when we break out of spectator roles and normal social/party scripts and try something new!

Arts Co:Lab event in Bay Area
Arts Co:Lab

What does the format look like though?

Generally after people arrive (fill out the above art tag sticker), mingle, watch the Body Art and participate in the Craftivity of the evening and sip on something– we have one or more Curated Featured Experiments… which is a Live Performance featuring 3-5 different kinds of Artists that is some percentage planned and always at least a bit improvised.

There will sometimes be a quick playful connective exercise or networking game… and then more open ended exploration aided by a DJ or live musicians.

Next one…

AUGUST 7th- @ Adeline Firehouse Gallery
3192 Adeline st. Berkeley

  • Interactivist character dressup rack & test playing
  • Sock Puppet station + impromptu s.p. short film shooting
  • Body Painting experiment by the Human Art Collective
  • Curated Co:Lab Featured Experiment with
  • Catalyst Cards- social playing card creation & play testing
  • Oracle Readings by the Mythic Muses bringing Mythic Mirrors to the Midway at BM this year


We are open to ideas & offerings…
let’s co:lab-orate!

Do you have an Creative Experiment you want to Produce?
Message the hostess and you can probably do it!
Or Join our HYLO Community Grouppassword to join is colab

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Arts Co:Lab at festivals & events

We also setup Arts Co:Lab stations at larger events like this zone at Lightning In A Bottle Music Festival this year.

We had Award Making & Playing Card Making, and the Co:Creation Rotation where multiple people put their touch onto pieces of art…
you can see some of the results in the art hanging in the front.

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