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Catalyst Cards social playing cards gold

THE IDEA OF THESE CARDS is to bring more depth, playfullness, and interaction to social events…by making a simple game of it.

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Make your own Quest Cards!
Download the file here: Quest Cards – Blank
Download our ready to play Quest Cards here!


Compiling the field “Upside down”, that description will be shown instead of the classic description if the card appears reversed.

Make your own Interaction Cards!
Download the file here: Interaction Cards – Blank
Download our ready to play Interaction Cards here!

Make your own Mixed Cards!
Download the file here: Mixed Cards – Blank
Download our ready to play Mixed Cards here!

Catalyst Cards social playing cards at EDC festival
Catalyst Cards Social playing cards

Though the concept/design was created by Audette Sophia, the process of production & end result will be Crowd-Sourced and Open Sourced and people will be able to print & cut their own decks as well as customize their own decks.

  • INQUIRY- What meaningful parts of you want to be shared? What do you really want to know about others?
  • INSPIRATION- What inspires you & what do you want to inspire in others?
  • INTERACTION- What kinds of social interchanges do you want to participate in or create?
Got any good Card ideas?
Collaborate with us! Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!
We’d love your input!

Work In Progress: We debuted a version of the deck in our own midway booth at Burning Man 2015 and the newer version getting distributed and test played at Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

Happy Catalyst Card Players at LIB Music Festival
There are 3 Levels in which you can engage this Project. As a PLAYER-- just give the cards a go. As a DESIGNER- your creative and full of ideas and want to help this develop. As a CATALYST- your an instigator and a leader and you want to help introduce this into new settings and communities and facilitate test playing and more.
Very Soon we will have a PDF up here of our current design for you to print, cut & test play if you want.
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