For the Workshop version we ask that you hone in on 1 Particular Money Making Project before you attend.
If you'd like my (free) help doing that... get the Bright Idea selection Video Workshop here


ESSENTIAL MARKETING & Core Content Drafting 

This hands-on workshop is designed for creatives & service-based biz owners
who struggle with focus & knowing how to simplify & package their offerings.

If you crave an uncomplicated marketing strategy that feels good- but also looks good. 
You want help knowing what to Share & how to share it well. 

We will take the specific $ making project you bring & MAP it's mind & heart & distill both into their most essential form. 
We clarify & polish your core message & benefits & translate that into an elegant & effective video.

Yes that is right... we will make a Video (or at least a draft of it) that can act as the top of your simple but shiny new sales funnel.

This workshop will include teaching, hands on work on your project & even some video shooting.
It is worth a lot. But these 1st 2 dates I am offering it on a sliding scale pay what you can basis. $30-300 
Your spot is reserved by making the minimum payment of $30 

* we will be doing some actual video shooting so maybe don't wear pajamas.

The Location is at 4th & Gilman street in Berkeley, CA 
Specific instructions will be given to you once you have confirmed & made the minimum donation.
Feel free to ask your questions via  via Email here

The aim of this program is to burrow into the very Heart of your brand & polish the core messages therein.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when we wrap our mind around #allthethings we think we "should" do to grow our biz.
There are So many angles, options, strategies & ideas. It can leave us not sinking our teeth properly into anything & not getting real traction. 

That is why this program goes straight to your biz's core... to what really drives you, what makes you unique & to the essence of the transformation you provide.

We will harvest that gold & polish the facets of those most core truths into clear compelling Videos. 

The 7 Week Virtual Accelerator will be available later in 2020. For now I am offering the Workshop intensives & 1 on 1's 

Weather you join for the In-Studio INTENSIVE format or the 7 week virtual Accelerator here is what you will walk away with:

>> Your Unique Topic Pyramid (that will define your unique brand perspective & inform future content creation) 

>> Your Core Marketing Messages defined & polished like a quiver full of golden arrows 

>> A clearly outlined written or actually shot version of your Core Marketing Message Video 

>> An elegant streamlined Content Creation & Promotion Plan as well as resources to help you stick with it