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Creative Boss Intensive Sessions with Audette Sophia

This is an extremely unique kind of intensive catalyst session. I fuse together all of my & my studios offerings into one multi-faceted empowerment offering.

Unlike most coaches & consultants- I really like to do my sessions in person.
That way we get Hands-On with the material & get a chance to pull what is important out of your mind/heart & down onto paper to really look at it. 
We capture the many pieces you are holding as actual pieces and then we can move them around on the game board of possibility to see what combinations and insights are revealed. 
This is an efficient way to get to really innovative ideas that may have taken years otherwise. 

This intensive can be broken into 2 sessions if you prefer or done in 1 intensive chunk. There is an exploration & process portion that results in some super tailor made mapping of who you are, where you are, where you want to be & a couple of the top ideas of how to build that most essential bridge.

THE UPLEVEL MAPPING Portion will use my Essence to Empire framework to guide it but will be utterly customized to where you are & want to go on Your journey. We Literally create a map for you. It is a birds eye overview and looking at optimal and strategic growth.  

The 2nd portion we can either deepen in this visual mapping and create more ARTIFACTS to help to remind you daily & to support you in a customized action plan.
Or we can do an awesome photo shoot!!

The SHOOT can be for you– reminding you of your most glorious empowered self by anchoring it in an image. Or it can be for your promotion- web site etc… or we can even try for both within the same shoot. (start with normal clothes & makeup & get some candid headshot type images & then add a fantastical headdress & some fantasy makeup & get some mythical type images.


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